About Us
In the twenty-one years since incorporation, Su-Fix Precast Ltd has experienced a wealth of expansion and growth that has carved our rightful place as the most established precast company on the south coast.

In humbler beginnings, Su-Fix Precast was a family run company. We became part of the RDCP family in December 2020, which saw the expansion to a larger yard and office in Southampton, Hampshire. We are the only precast flooring company in the region who boasts a wide range of stock available for collection, which consists of:

  •   155mm precast beams, of varying lengths
  •   Slip bricks
  •   Ceiling clips
  •   Infill blocks

From the very start of your project, you can expect to receive quality customer care from our in-house design and estimating department. We are committed to providing top quality precast products and installation services by our fully qualified site team, which sets us apart from other competitors in the industry.
Su-Fix Precast Ltd installation of beam and block at housing development in Hampshire
Recent Projects
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