General Terms & Conditions

1 Prices
1.1   Our price will remain open for three months from quotation date.
1.2   The prices quoted are based on information available at tender stage.
1.3   Prices are subject to change if we are in receipt of variations.
1.4   Variations shall include changes in geometry, specification, quantity and delivery dates. We will not commence work on a variation to contract without a written instruction or order from the client.
1.5   Su-Fix Precast Ltd reserves the right to withdraw any quotation prior to delivery or commencement without notice.
1.6   Written or verbal acceptance of our quotation does not constitute a contract unless confirmed in writing by Su-Fix Precast Ltd.
1.7   No orders will be processed until we are in receipt of signed acceptance.
1.8   The price quoted is exclusive of VAT. To the extent that the supply of goods and services arising from the quotation is chargeable with tax, the amount of VAT shall be added to amounts due under the contract and paid to us.
1.9   Our quotations are based upon details provided by the customer. We reserve the right to amend our price if areas, spans or loading shown on the working drawings or any other criteria are at variance to the forgoing and the details specified in our quotation.

2 Delivery
2.1   If your delivery requirements are urgent please contact the writer as delivery lead times fluctuate daily.
2.2   Unless otherwise stated, all prices are based on articulated vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 38 tonne approximately 54ft in length.
2.3   Vehicles delivering the stairs will not have offload facilities.
2.3   Should it be necessary to use smaller vehicles all additional costs will be passed to the customer.
2.4   We have allowed max. 1 hour to offload from the vehicles arrival to site, £80 per 1 hour thereafter will be charged when delays are out of or control.
2.5   Should there be any damage caused by the delivery vehicles to the surface they are travelling or working on, all costs are to be met by the customer.
2.6   Any damage caused to surrounding property by the delivery vehicle must be recorded on the delivery document and Su-Fix Precast Ltd must be informed immediately. Failure to do this may result in any claim being void.
2.7   We are to be notified immediately upon delivery to site of any damage to the stairs.
2.8   Fall protection around the delivery vehicle will be provided if Su-Fix Precast are installing the stairs.
2.9   Su-Fix Precast Ltd does not guarantee delivery times or dates. When dates and times are indicated, these are subject to matters out of our control and of which we accept no liability.
2.10   Should the delivery vehicle not be able to get to site on vehicle requested then any charge for redirection or returning to manufacturer will passed onto the main contractor. Su-Fix will not be responsible for determining vehicles required for delivery or accept any additional chargers for the vehicle not getting to site.
2.11   48 hours’ notice must to be given if delivery dates are to be moved. Please be aware that costs of moving the delivery after the 48 hour deadline will be equal to that of the standard delivery cost for the job. There will also be re-staking charges and costs to re arrange delivery

3 Title
3.1   Until payment has been received in full. All goods shall remain the property of Su-Fix Precast Ltd and any proceeds from the sale thereof shall be held in trust for the company.
3.2   On supply only contracts we do not accept any liability for the incorrect installation of any goods provided.
3.3   Su-Fix Precast Ltd does not accept any claims derived from variance to designs, loadings, data sheets or calculations.

4 Payment Terms
4.1   Strict 30 payment days from end of invoice month on approved accounts.
4.2   Su-Fix Precast Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding balance in accordance with the Construction act 2009.
4.2   Su-Fix Precast Ltd reserves the right to review payment terms and suspend delivery without liability, subject to the customer’s ongoing credit worthiness.
4.3   All goods supplied remain the property of Su-Fix Precast Ltd until full payment has been received.
4.4   All MCD’s must be agreed in writing prior to order being processed and can only be taken if payment is made as 4.1 above.
4.5   Su-Fix Precast Ltd will not enter into retentions.
4.6   Where applications for payment are required, this must be agreed in writing with Su-Fix Precast prior to an order being placed. Valuation schedules must be provided with the purchase order.
4.7   Payments made by Credit Cards will incur a handling charge of 1.5% on orders over £500. Debit cards will not have any handling charges.
4.8   For un-approved accounts, Su-Fix Precast Ltd require payment on a pro-forma basis prior to manufacture and/or commencement on site.
4.9   Su-Fix Precast Ltd reserves the right to postpone all work dependent on account status without prior notice.
4.10 Su-Fix Precast Ltd reserves the right to withhold any calculations for our products and/or design until payment has been settled.

5 Postponement/Cancellation
5.1   Should the contractor cancel the installation after Su-Fix Precast has visited site then there will be a charge incurred for this site visit.
5.2   Any cancellation after drawings have been issued by Su-Fix Precast Ltd will be charged at a minimum of £300.00 or the determined cost.
5.3   Should the customer postpone the agreed delivery date more than three times, Su-Fix Precast Ltd reserves the right to charge for storage of goods at the determined cost.
5.4   We require a minimum 48 hours’ notice to postpone a delivery in writing. There will be charges within this time period which will be passed on.

6 Collateral Warranties & Calculation
6.1   Su-Fix Precast Ltd is prepared to enter into a ‘Warranty’, subject to detailed agreement between Directors and/or Insurers. Warranties will not be signed and returned until payment is received in full. Please provide a pre-paid return envelope to cover the returned warranties.
6.2   Calculations can be provided on request which will be issued on cleared payment.

7 Weather Conditions
7.1   The Customer must check weather forecasts with the MET office, i.e. wind speeds, temperature etc. prior to Su-Fix installing a job. If adverse weather conditions are forecast, the customer must give no less than 48 hours prior written notice to Su-Fix if the customer wishes to delay the installation. If no such notice is given and adverse weather conditions cause any delays to installation then the customer has responsibility of any additional incurred costs or delays as a result of the adverse conditions.



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